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Westie Wednesday: NFL Edition

In three days, my hubby will be one of the happiest people because Sunday brings football, friends, and field goals!! Winston, Barley, and

Westie Wednesday: Put your Party Hats On!!!

Put those party hats on!!!  Time to celebrate!!!  Happy, happy Westie Wednesday and a very special Happy Birthday week to my hubby,

Talking Photography Retreat 2017: The Best is Yet to Come!

The best is yet to come in 2017! And this past weekend, Megan Gioeli, a local photographer, and I hosted our first weekend retreat for our

Westie Wednesday: Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays everyone!! If most of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know we’ve added a new addition to our little

Westie Wednesday: Hurricanes, Raincoats, & Giving Back

Barley, Aaron, and I have been watching the news all week to see what Hurricane Matthew has in store for all of us! We are saddened by the

Westie Wednesday: Never Say Never

Happy Westie Wednesday from Barley, Aaron and I! This week has been a busy week for our Barley, playing with toys, chasing squirrels, and

Styled Shoot: Dusty Blue and Blush Engagement Party Inspiration

Each month, I host a group of photographers that get together in our area to talk, learn, and drink a lot of coffee!! For September, I

Megan Travis Packaging: What’s in that cute box?

As a photographer and creative, I have struggled year after year with packaging and finding something that represents my style and brand.

Westie Wednesday: Go Pirates…ARGH!!

Happy Westie Wednesday to all of you pirates out there!! Barley and I are ready for Fall, cooler weather, football, grilling out, and all

It’s Miss Barley’s Day Everyday!

It’s national dog day and I just found out, where have I been?! Apparently not on Facebook this morning, haha!! As if you don’t

Westie Wednesday: Going For The Gold

Happy Westie Wednesday!!!  This week Barley has enjoyed her first Olympics and we are so excited for all the medalists!! Barley has been

Westie Tuesday: Because it’s my birthday and I can do what I want!

It’s not Westie Wednesday, but it is our Barley’s 1st birthday! Barley enjoyed a walk this morning, and is working with me in