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Each month, I host a group of photographers that get together in our area to talk, learn, and drink a lot of coffee!! For September, I decided it would be fun to do a mini styled shootout at the beautiful Homestead at Mill Creek in Walkertown, NC.  Amy Nadine with The Homestead at Mill Creek was generous to let a group of 10+ photographers come in and take over her space!  With the help of Dahlias Floral Design, FaceForward, NuExpression, and Thats Marla, our little mini shootout became a reality.

I am in love with the way everything came together, the beautiful colors, and the amazing community that we’ve developed in our area.  The support and friendships we’ve made through our meetups mean the world to me, and this just makes my heart happy!

A huge hug and THANK YOU to our vendors that leant there time and creative talents to our group.  Also, thank you to our models, Isaac Niemitalo and Brooke Beane who will be saying I DO in 2017!! Congratulations Isaac and Brooke! We had an amazing evening celebrating your love for one another and capturing memories that you will cherish for years to come!

Venue:  The Homestead at Mill Creek

Hair & Makup:  Face Forward

Florals/Decor:  Dahlias

Invitation Suite:  NuExpression


Cookies:  Thats Marla

2016-09-14_0002P I N I T 2016-09-14_0001P I N I T

2016-09-14_0003P I N I T 2016-09-14_0007P I N I T 2016-09-14_0006P I N I T 2016-09-14_0009P I N I T 2016-09-14_0005P I N I T 2016-09-14_0008P I N I T 2016-09-14_0010P I N I T 2016-09-14_0031P I N I T 2016-09-14_0030P I N I T 2016-09-14_0029P I N I T 2016-09-14_0028P I N I T 2016-09-14_0027P I N I T 2016-09-14_0021P I N I T 2016-09-14_0017P I N I T 2016-09-14_0015P I N I T 2016-09-14_0013P I N I T 2016-09-14_0012P I N I T 2016-09-14_0033P I N I T 2016-09-14_0022P I N I T 2016-09-14_0034P I N I T 2016-09-14_0025P I N I T 2016-09-14_0024P I N I T

2016-09-14_0008P I N I T 2016-09-14_0023P I N I T 2016-09-14_0020P I N I T 2016-09-14_0011P I N I T




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  • Candi - Your photos are gorgeous!!! Thank you for your hard work putting this together!! It was so much fun meeting everyone and shooting the gorgeous set-up!ReplyCancel

    • megantravis - Thanks Candi!! I love your work!! It was a lot of fun and thank you for coming Candi!! We need to get together more!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Megan! This was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I really wish out local TT was as active as yours…. makes me wanna move to the triad!!!
    Great work as usualReplyCancel

    • megantravis - Thank you Amber! This group is not our local TT group, but just one we started in our community! Our TT group meets an hour away! Same concept though!!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Lewis - I love this… beautiful work!!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Dawn Williams - This is such a great idea. I have just recently moved back to WS from being overseas in South Africa (ok a year ago but still its hard to get settled back in lol), but I would love to join something like this. How can I get more information?ReplyCancel

As a photographer and creative, I have struggled year after year with packaging and finding something that represents my style and brand. Each year, I change the way I deliver USB’s to clients and let me tell you, I became so frustrated because nothing really represented ME…..UNTIL NOW!!!! I couldn’t be more happier with the way these cute, little USB boxes and gold USBs turned out.  Thank you to for your amazing customer service, attention to detail, and outstanding products! I cannot wait to hand these over to my clients with their memories to treasure for lifetimes to come! Thank you to Photoflashdrive for helping me find ME in my packaging!!! I’m in LOVE!!

2016-09-01_0002P I N I T 2016-09-01_0003P I N I T

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Happy Westie Wednesday to all of you pirates out there!! Barley and I are ready for Fall, cooler weather, football, grilling out, and all things pumpkin, of course!  It has been a rough week with allergies around our house and we cannot wait until Fall, so hurry up pretty leaves, jeans, and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks!!

This week, Barley is eagerly getting ready for the first East Carolina University football game this Saturday! My husband went to ECU and I will admit that he has made fans out of Barley and I, so this post is for you, Aaron! Not to mention our whole house would be purple and yellow if it was up to my hubby!! Barley enjoyed playing with her football this afternoon, scoring touchdowns, and kicking field goals! Well, that is until she fell asleep, haha!  Barley, Aaron, and I want to wish the Pirates the best of luck on the field Saturday and we hope you have a happy Westie Wednesday too!

Let’s go Pirates…ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!

2016-08-31_0001P I N I T 2016-08-31_0003P I N I T 2016-08-31_0002P I N I T 2016-08-31_0004P I N I T

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