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Today, Barley and I have been singing the song, “You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine,” to try and lift our spirits up on this gloomy NC day.  I don’t know about you, but this weather makes me want to stay in my sweatpants all day and watch a Criminal Minds marathon. Yes, I love murder mystery shows!! Barley doesn’t like that she has to put on her raincoat to go outside and play, so I brought the sunshine to her!

As a child, my mom and my favorite stuffed animal, Libby, which was also a music box, hummed this favorite song of mine when I was down in the dumps.  So if you are having a not so good, gloomy day, just remember that you are somebody’s sunshine.  Barley and I would be happy to sing to you over the phone or on Skype! It’s sure to make you laugh, as we both cannot sing!

Barley and I want to wish everyone a happy Westie Wednesday and know that you are loved!

PS:  Please remind me next Wednesday, do not go to Petsmart on a Westie Wednesday, it’s dangerous!!

2016-05-18_0002P I N I T

2016-05-18_0004P I N I T 2016-05-18_0003P I N I T


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  • Emilee - “You Are My Sunshine” is our state song in Louisiana, and it’s one of my favorite tunes. I think Petsmart on WW would be OK, as long as you post the adorable results <3ReplyCancel

    • megantravis - Awww I didn’t know that was Louisiana’s state song, that’s awesome!! Petsmart is dangerous, you should see all the cute toys and outfits I wanted to buy!! I had to get out of there fast!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Beth Breuner - Hope you get some better weather soon! So cute how you cheer yourself up!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Megan, I sing this song for my girls, and even decorated their room with this song as inspiration. This gloomy weather totally has me down, but I think I’ll start humming this song. It always makes me feel betterReplyCancel

    • megantravis - Awww that is so sweet, Amber! Yes, my mom use to sing this to me as a child, and she actually thought I didn’t remember until she read this blog post! It’s the little things!!ReplyCancel

  • ashton - cuter and cuter every week! can’t stand it!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Marie - Love that you are a proud dog mom. This song is so special to so many people. Great reference.ReplyCancel

  • Valerie - I’m just here to talk about your adorable dog. OMG I want to cuddle him!!ReplyCancel

  • Glenn - OMG He’s so cute, I loved it!ReplyCancel

  • Tashena Shaw - Aw, he is just to cute! 🙂 <3ReplyCancel

  • Urška Majer - These are the cutest photos!ReplyCancel

  • ashley eiban - oh my goodness! i am obsessed with this!! that’s the cutest thing ever!!ReplyCancel

Happy Friday y’all! It’s a rainy morning here in NC, so here’s a sweet, sweet wedding sneak peek at Reverie Farm to brighten your day! When Jimmy and Dana first saw Reverie Farm, they knew this was the place they would say their vows. The farm took their breath away and once they met with Mallory, wedding coordinator at Reverie, they were absolutely 100% in love with this farm for their rustic chic wedding.

The day of the wedding finally arrived, and it was a beautiful spring afternoon.  Dana looked radiant in her Kenneth Cole wedding gown and Jimmy was all smiles when he saw Dana for the first time.  These two sweet friends celebrated their love for one another in front of their closest friends and family in honor of both of their fathers, who are no longer with us, but they were definitely present on that day! Pastor Bob, a long time family friend, married Jimmy and Dana, and stole the show with laughter, and sweet memories during the ceremony, as well as, a sweet dance at the reception with Dana since her father could not be with us.  Their dance brought tears and will be a special memory that they will have the rest of their lives.

Jimmy, Dana, and their guests danced the night away and were sent off through sparklers as the night came to an end!

PS:  Jimmy even made that beautiful Arbor for the two of them to say their I DOs under! How sweet is that???

2016-05-12_0011P I N I T 2016-05-12_0009P I N I T 2016-05-12_0012P I N I T 2016-05-12_0013P I N I T 2016-05-12_0014P I N I T 2016-05-12_0015P I N I T 2016-05-12_0016P I N I T 2016-05-12_0017P I N I T 2016-05-12_0025P I N I T 2016-05-12_0010P I N I T 2016-05-12_0019P I N I T 2016-05-12_0020P I N I T 2016-05-12_0021P I N I T 2016-05-12_0022P I N I T Megan Travis Photography Reverie Farm Wedding in North Carolina P I N I T Reverie Farm Wedding by Megan Travis Photography in NCP I N I T 2016-05-12_0026P I N I T 2016-05-12_0028P I N I T A gorgeous Megan Travis Photography Wedding at Reverie Place.P I N I T 2016-05-12_0029P I N I T Reverie Farm WeddingP I N I T 2016-05-12_0030P I N I T 2016-05-12_0032P I N I T 2016-05-12_0033P I N I T 2016-05-12_0035P I N I T 2016-05-12_0034P I N I T


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Happy Westie Wine Wednesday!! This week, Barley and I have been super busy with chasing toys, client meetings, and editing. So, today we are celebrating life, love, and laughter! After all, that’s what our little family is built upon.  Grab a glass of wine on this Westie Wine Wednesday with someone you love, cherish those moments together, and celebrate this day! Happy Wednesday y’all! Cheers!!

PS:  Thank you to the Dollar Tree for supplying Barley and I with entertainment and props for Westie Wednesday! We get so excited when we see new, fun toys at the store!

2016-05-11_0001P I N I T 2016-05-11_0002P I N I T



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