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Happy Westie Wednesday to all of you pirates out there!! Barley and I are ready for Fall, cooler weather, football, grilling out, and all things pumpkin, of course!  It has been a rough week with allergies around our house and we cannot wait until Fall, so hurry up pretty leaves, jeans, and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks!!

This week, Barley is eagerly getting ready for the first East Carolina University football game this Saturday! My husband went to ECU and I will admit that he has made fans out of Barley and I, so this post is for you, Aaron! Not to mention our whole house would be purple and yellow if it was up to my hubby!! Barley enjoyed playing with her football this afternoon, scoring touchdowns, and kicking field goals! Well, that is until she fell asleep, haha!  Barley, Aaron, and I want to wish the Pirates the best of luck on the field Saturday and we hope you have a happy Westie Wednesday too!

Let’s go Pirates…ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!

2016-08-31_0001P I N I T 2016-08-31_0003P I N I T 2016-08-31_0002P I N I T 2016-08-31_0004P I N I T

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It’s national dog day and I just found out, where have I been?! Apparently not on Facebook this morning, haha!! As if you don’t already see enough of my cute, adorable fur ball, here’s a photo to celebrate our littlest member of our family, Miss Barley! Happy Dog Day Barley (even though every day is a celebrated dog day in our house)!! Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

2016-08-26_0002P I N I T


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Happy Westie Wednesday!!!  This week Barley has enjoyed her first Olympics and we are so excited for all the medalists!! Barley has been competing in her own doggie Olympics at the house. She has currently medaled in the following:

Silver in Walking around the neighborhood without barking at other dogs

Gold in Chewing up DVD cases as well as DVDs when she is mad and apparently she likes to chew up her gold medal too!!

Gold in Making the cutest noise you have ever heard each morning (this one is my favorite event)

Bronze in Track in field also known as running around the back yard

We can’t wait to see what medals our superstar earns as we watch the Men’s Swimming Team tonight! Barley and I want to wish all the athletes good luck and have a happy Westie Wednesday to everyone!

2016-08-10_0003P I N I T 2016-08-10_0002P I N I T

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